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I feel like it should be easier than this.

Then again, I have found that most things in life do not come easy. Things like this take work, dedication, and loyalty. The hardest part is finding the strength and patience to make it to the end.

I could be wrong, but I think I might have actually set myself up for disaster.

I just keep thinking to myself…

"What if I had taken my own advice?"


"How is everything going to change?"

Change scares me. If there is anything in this world that I am most afraid of, it’s change. But that’s kind of stupid because change is inevitable. And I know this as fact, yet I will still put myself into situations where the likelihood for drastic change in my life is even greater. Then all I do is just get stressed and worried and shut people out.

When did my life become such a mess?

And who’s to blame other than myself?


…is going to an 8am final presentation completely hungover and then throwing up afterwards.


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yo the simpsons be droppin truth bombsĀ 

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